Power Company is part of the Intensive Program and is comprised of talented dancers ranging in age from 4-10 years old.

Power Company represents California Dance Company at regional dance competitions and occasional community performances. Focus and an eagerness to learn is expected of these dancers to maintain the excellence of Power Company. This super talented group of dancers light up the stage with their never-ending energy and continually inspires the audience with their contagious enthusiasm.

For audition information, visit our Intensive Program Auditions page.


Power Company Involves:

  • Choosing dance as a priority over other extracurricular activities
  • Participation in 2 regional competitions
  • Attendance at 1 summer intensive
  • Participation in the Christmas Showcase, Pre-Competition Show, June Shows

Power Company Minimum Requirements:

  • Members will be cast in 1-3 group routines that perform at regional competitions.
  • Required to be at the studio taking a minimum of 2 technique classes per week.
  • Attend weekly choreography rehearsals (one per routine).

Power Company