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Tuition rates below are per month and based on number of hours student takes per week.

1 hour/$61.00
2 hours/$109.80
3 hours/$155.55
4 hours/$195.20
5 hours/$228.75
6 hours/$256.20
7 hours/$277.55
8 hours/$317.20
9 hours/$356.85
10 hours/$396.50
11 hours/$436.15
12 hours/$475.80

Tuition Fees and Payments:

Tuition rates are for the full season (including studio holidays), not by the number of classes in the month. A full season includes a minimum of 34 lessons. Tuition fees are paid in 10 monthly installments.

After registering (paying for 1st Month and Annual Student Membership Fee), monthly tuition must be paid by automatic debit or credit card payment. Tuition will be debited from your account (or charged to your credit card) on the 1st day of each remaining month through June.

The 2022-23 season starts September 12, 2022 and ends June 17, 2023. June 1, 2023 is the last monthly tuition installment.


Class discounts apply to the same disciplines only: Dance Classes or Gymnastics/Tumbling/Aerial Silks Classes

Example 1: Bobbie takes one dance class and one gymnastics class - her tuition is $61 per month for her dance class and $61 per month for her gymnastics class.

Example 2: Suzie takes two dance classes - her tuition is $109.80 per month.

Example 3: Katie takes two dance classes and one aerial silks class - tuition is $109.80 per month for her dance classes and $61 per month for her aerial silks class.

Siblings receive a 5% discount on the smaller tuition account for regular season classes. No sibling discounts are offered for summer classes, special events, guest artists, Intensive Program, or membership fees. There is a per month $465 tuition cap for families with 2 or 3 students (taking no more than 4 classes each). If there are more than 3 in a family, please contact us at

Annual Basic Membership: $45 per student
Annual Premium Membership: $76 per student

Private Lessons:
Get the greatest value out of your classes by taking private lessons! If you are looking for one-on-one time with a specialist to improve form, master leaps & turns, work on flexibility, prepare for an audition then email for more info. Private lessons are available at various times during the week and on Saturdays.

Private lessons begin at $25/half hour and vary by teacher:

NOTE: Private lesson cancellations that are received more than 24 hours prior to the lesson time will not be charged. Lessons cancelled less than 24 hours prior and ‘no shows’ will be charged for the full lesson.