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Our personal California Dance Company experience began seven years ago when our daughter was just three. We enrolled her in dance as a way to keep her active and socially engaged with children her own age. We never imagined the level of training she would receive over the years to follow. At CDC, our daughter has grown into a poised, confident, and graceful young lady and dancer. The CDC staff are fully devoted to their students’ dance experience. They strive to inspire their students to excel not only in dance, but in life. Above all, they’ve taught our daughter discipline and professionalism as well as offered her a safe and loving environment to grow. At CDC, students are expected to follow rules and guidelines, and they do so because of the professional example modeled by all in the studio. Whether it’s ballet, tap, jazz, or hip hop,  we are confident that our child is receiving the best training available. CDC is by far the best studio in the North State!

- Paul and Sue Howard

California Dance Company has been a part of my daughter’s life for 5 years. It is much more than just a place to dance. It is a place that your child can achieve success and explore their possibilities. This studio has produced experiences and relationships that have made a great impact on my daughter. Being a part of CDC is like being a part of a second family. The staff members are very supportive, compassionate and patient with their dancers. The exceptional teaching of technique and style is easily seen when watching a performance or competition.

- Jennifer Feusi

California Dance Company has had a profound impact on my daughter’s life. She has been dancing at the studio under Sonya's tutelage since she was three, and, for the past 8 years, has been a member of the Intensive Program . During her time in the program, she has grown from a novice performer to a world champion . She has acquired poise, self-confidence, team building skills and the ability to follow direction. She understands the value of hard work and dedication along with the rewards that can accompany them. These lessons are invaluable in all aspects of her life and will serve her well in the years to come, personally and professionally.

- Cindee Spurgeon

Our daughter has danced at California Dance Company for the last seven years. The teachers here are incredible and they consistently demonstrate they always have our daughter’s best interests at heart. The people at CDC have truly become our extended family. From dancing early on at a recreational level to now competing with high level studios from across California, it has been amazing to see her growth. The teachers at CDC have taught her to set goals and to reach those goals through hard work. The discipline and work ethic our daughter is learning will benefit her for the rest of her life.

- Jacob Provencio

California Dance Company teaches dancers that hard work and commitment are the keys to success; lessons that apply not only to the stage but to all endeavors in life. They do this with an environment that encourages expression, nurtures creativity, and promotes dedication. We appreciate the tireless hours the CDC staff puts into each routine and the sacrifice each dancer makes to be the best they can be. Over the last 6 years we’ve been proud to watch our daughters dance throughout California. It is inspiring to see the growth of their confidence and focus when they perform. I wouldn’t dream of having our girls dance anywhere else!

- Sam and Ami Foley

California Dance Company has taught my daughter so much more than how to dance. They have taught her to smile and have fun, and how to be comfortable and confident while performing in front of other people. The Mini instructors have been beyond amazing. They not only treat the dancers as their students but truly care about each of them as individuals. The instructors are more than willing to make accommodations in classes if students are needing extra help or attention. My daughter has learned many life lessons at the studio including how to get along with peers, how to laugh and smile if she makes a mistake, and how to push through on days that are challenging. I can honestly say that this studio is one of the best things we have done for our daughter. I know that the lessons she has learned at CDC have set the foundation for her to be a positive role model and team player in the years to come.

- Tamara Kendall

California Dance Company is an amazing studio; both of my daughters love dancing here! Their Tiny Tot and Mini classes are a great way to introduce your young children to dance. The teachers create an atmosphere that allows the little ones to have fun while still teaching them dance fundamentals. The performances are also a wonderful experience for the young children and watching them perform on the big stage is priceless! Dancing at CDC has brought out a whole new side in my oldest daughter. She was super shy and not confident in front of crowds, but being involved in dance has truly been the best thing for her. Her teachers have taught her so much more than just about dance; she has become more confident, made new friends, and realizes her hard work and dedication pays off. All of the teachers at CDC care about each and every dancer and help them to become not only better dancers, but better people!

- Jamie Gurney

California Dance Company is not just the average dance studio. My child has grown as a dancer by being taught proper technique. She has been challenged to achieve her own personal goals as well as the ones her instructors have set for her. The studio is a warm, clean, safe environment. The staff treats all the kids as if they were their own, with love and compassion. Being a part of CDC has been a great experience for my daughter and the whole family.

- Amy Karpinski


Three years ago we decided to make the move to Shasta County. Our daughter had spent the prior four years dancing at other studios, and those studios recommended we look into California Dance Company. We are so glad we did! From the moment she was enrolled, Abby has been challenged, disciplined, and instructed at a level we had never expected from a dance studio. Her dedication and technique have improved dramatically. CDC has become our daughter’s second home, with the instructors caring about her growth as a dancer and well-being as a child. Abby is constantly inspired by her fellow dancers and teachers and is proud to be a part of the California Dance Company family.

- Tiffany Collver

California Dance Company has been a significant part of our daughter’s life for years. She started dancing at the studio in 2009, became a member of the Intensive Program in 2010, and became an apprentice in 2017. CDC is her second family. Over the years, she has gained self-confidence, team-building, discipline, and a professional work ethic. The teachers are passionate about what they do. They treat each child as one of their own, and strive to have each one of them excel not only at dance, but in their daily lives. All of our friends and family who have watched CDC performances have been impressed by the high quality dance recitals and productions. We are proud to be part of the California Dance Company family.

- China Rose Morrison

California Dance Company has been a second home to our three girls since December 2013 and they have been dancing ever since. Our girls have become strong, confident leaders and independent while being at CDC and I couldn’t be more thankful to watch our girls grow to be exactly that.

- The Ramirez Family

We enrolled our youngest daughter in the Redding Dance studio when it opened for something fun to do while her older sisters were practicing in the gym next door. We are so glad we did! After watching her confidence grow under the care and guidance of Miss Marie, we enrolled both our other daughters in the studio. All the teachers they have had in the last two years have wonderfully balanced a program that not only teaches and challenges my daughters in dance, but also highlights the importance of teamwork and incorporates a ton of fun! I’ve been so impressed with how Miss Sonya has kept the studio open during the entire year of 2020, quickly adapting and adjusting as the world and community has, always emphasizing the growth, support and safety of the dancers (and her staff). I am so excited to see how my girls will continue to grow, thrive and have fun as a part of California Dance Company.

- Ashley Schlegel